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Monday, November 21, 2011

I want everybody to tell everything. But do you think it's okay to name names when commenting on your customer service experience in a public forum?

Review sites like Trip Advisor allow names, but they say that personal insults are not tolerated. I generally feel the same and won't retweet or otherwise promote comments of a personal nature.
In fact, it's no secret that I hope to highlight positive customer experiences as often as or more frequently than bad ones. I encourage people to name names and tell bosses and talk about the fact that friendly, polite, professional, genuine, customer-oriented folks do indeed exist in the customer service industry. And I pass it on. Why should the opposite message be censored?

If you think it's out of line to comment in detail (including names) on bad customer service, feel free to leave a comment here or continue the conversation on twitter.


  1. I don't think its appropriate to name people. I think a simple description or even a beginning initial would be fine, but you never know the reason for someones poor service, there could be a valid reason for it and by naming them out could put their job in jeopardy or make them a target. Would you want your kid called out like that?
    Still though, someones bad day is no excuse for poor service, but there could be something more deeper going on, you just never know....

  2. I also think its inappropiate to name people. I find with this type of website, the reader SOMETIMES do not get the full story. Many times the poor service is not caused by the people the customer would had the direct contact with.