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Thursday, November 18, 2010

#goodservice - Riddle Fence

I just had a lovely experience with Riddle Fence. I tried to purchase a subscription online the other day, but I had to stop halfway through the payment process because I hadn't updated the banking info associated with my PayPal account. By the time the prenote cleared, I had all but forgotten about my intention to subscribe.

But Riddle Fence did not forget me! The Executive Director, Sarah Smellie, emailed me this morning asking me whether anything had gone wrong with the site and offered to personally add me to their list so that I'd receive their next issue.

When was the last time Martha Stewart or Wired or even the beloved Walrus reached out with such prompt and personal customer service?

Incidentally, if you have $40 and a reader/writer type in your life, I don't think you could go wrong with a few issues of homegrown essays and poems and art. Apparently, they offer exclusive online content when you subscribe (which must be really cool, because their website is already more comprehensive than I would have expected).

IF (and we all know that's a BIG if) I can get my act together in the coming weeks, I'm going to try to write a little about local businesses and why you should (or shouldn't) include them in your holiday consumption.

Feel free to share your experiences with me, because, let's face it - I won't do any real shopping until, like, December 21. That's just how I roll.

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