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Friday, August 20, 2010

Is it better late at night, maybe?

Oh, Folly, how I'd hoped your food would be delicious! All the hipsters talked about you. I never in a million years thought that I would choose from a menu full of pizza and burgers exclusively and end up disappointed.

I will just ever so briefly comment on my likes and dislikes, as follows:


- burger patty had no flavour. I guess they rely on the toppings to make them taste good, but that doesn't work for my partner, who likes just plain ol' ketchup and cheese.
- asked for shredded mozza on the burger instead of swiss. Got no cheese atall. Asked for some cheese, got a sad-looking, dried up piece of swiss on a teeny plate.
- pizza also had little flavour. Had the April O'Neill, which described tandoori chicken. It tasted like a little curry powder dusted on there.
- for the price, the fries should not have been by McCain.
- I would complain that the music was too loud, but I'm not someone's nan.


- fantastic drink specials. It was Wednesday, so Rickard's White was $5 a pint. Can't beat it.
- great-looking menus and nice atmosphere
- nice upcycling of wine bottles for serving water, and they suggest going styrofoam-free for takeout
- the server greeted and seated us immediately. And brought the sad-looking cheese immediately.

All over, the customer service there was totally fine, so I will probably give them another try sometime, because everything still sounds SO tasty. I will go with someone who will eat a more adventurous burger, I think, and I will order a pizza that involves tomatoes. Hopefully, that will make the difference.



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