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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Would you prefer bugs or no bugs in your greens?

A Facebook friend recently noted that she had found a giant moth in her pre-washed packaged Compliments spinach from Sobeys. I identified with her disappointment, having bitten into a moldy gas station danish at Irving on Stavanger Drive a few weeks ago. 

Well, mold is one thing, and insects are another. I mean, insects live on and eat plants, right? My boyfriend says that it was commonplace growing up in his family to find slugs and other undesirables in his salad, because his parents and grandparents served food straight from their own vegetable gardens and greenhouses. 

Perhaps it was not so comforting for my friend that the insect in the Compliments spinach was dead, but, in general, I'd rather have bugs on my salad than no bugs, because if they can hang out on it, it should be fit to eat.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, in spite of my belief that quality control is an integral part of ensuring a positive customer experience, sometimes we (I) can be a little short-sighted. 

As for my friend's spinach: if it happened to me, I'd probably just wash the stuff, contact Compliments to let them know what I'd experienced, and...well, the rest is pretty obvious.


PS: By all means, go buy some local or local-ish greens (in all their grubby glory) in season...but be prepared to never want the grocery stores' sad, wilted produce ever again.

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