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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something Fishy in Paradise - Awesome Service!

I received this email about Something Fishy in Paradise. A great example of what good customer service is and how it can make a lasting impression!

"Last week I went looking for fish. Having never had even so much as a goldfish before, I had bought a small tank and set up from a friend of mine and was looking to find myself a couple fishy friends, and a little information on what to do with them.

Not wanting to support Pets Unlimited, and with the supply of pet stores in this city rather sparse, I ended up at Something Fishy just by Octagon Pond in Paradise.

I was greeted my the most friendly Newfoundland Dog and even friendlier staff. I was told it was a little family business which as I understood, the son owns the place and both his parents work their as well.

I spent close to the next hour being given a tremendous education in all things fishy, help in choosing whether I wanted a cold water or tropical set up, which fish play well with which other fish, and how to keep them all happy and healthy.

I eventually settled on two black moors, so ugly and bug eyed that they're pretty neat, and they were bagged up for me, along with some water treatments stuff and some food. I get to the counter and reach into my bag only to realize I had left my wallet at my friends house before coming to the store. D'oh!

Apologizing for all the fuss, and more than a little disappointed, I told the lady of what I had done and said that I would have to come back the next day after I got my wallet, and buy the fish then. With that she said not to worry, they would just take my info and I could come back later to pay for it all.

I was astounded and amazed. Here I was with over $50 in stuff, and was being trusted to return to pay, just so I could take my fish home that day.

I went back later that evening in sloppy weather simply because I couldn't NOT go back and settle up as soon as humanly possible. Because the roads were pretty nasty, I was cheerfully scolded for risking coming back so soon. The return visit also resulted in another half hour conversation all about fish care too.

I'm sure there may be cheaper places to get fish supplies, but I don't know that I have ever been so impressed with the knowledge and service of a place as I am with Something Fishy. They have certainly made a repeat customer out of me. Well Done!"

Nice work, Something Fishy! I will be checking you out, too.

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