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Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Rock does not

Here is an email I received from Donna about her experience at Red Rock Bar and Grill:

"I ate at Red Rock Bar & Grill (formerly My Brother's Place) on Topsail Road on Tuesday at 4:00. Both the food and the service were sub-standard. The waiter acted as though I was inconveniencing him and this was visibly displayed on both his face & in his mannerisms. The booth was really cold. He was sacrcastic when I mentioned this and said: "that's probably because you are sitting next to a window"...When my mother asked him about moving to another table he was rather curt. Fortunately, his shift ended & we got a waitress who was very friendly & polite, as was the lady who checked us out.
The food was nothing more than that of a greasy spoon. We will never eat there again.
How difficult is pan-fried cod..really??"

Thanks for the email, Donna. I love getting these reviews; in spite of my best intentions, I'm (obviously) not so on the ball with updating this blog and reader submissions really push me to do so!

My new year's resolution will be to make 2010 the year of the customer service conversation. Hopefully I'll last later than February :)


  1. That's not a review. That customer was an asshole. Not even other customers like people like her.

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  3. I wish I'd seen your comments earlier. Maybe I would have cried or quit posting.