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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What you may have missed if you're not on Twitter - recap Sept 14-20

Another great week for customer service in Newfoundland and Labrador! For the second week in a row, good service stories have outweighed the poor service stories that I received on Twitter!

Shouts out to the following:

Travel Bug in St. John's. Friendly, helpful staff made shopping a very pleasant experience!

Fantastic service from teller today at Scotiabank Avalon Mall. Above & beyond. Made up for lousy teller I had last week.

Good service - I had stood in line about 5 minutes when they opened 2 more checkout lines at Winners Avalon Mall

Cosmetician Shoppers Torbay Rd Very helpful in trying to track down a discontinued item& suggesting alternatives

Issue@ EBGames in the Village. Employees were very helpful in putting things right. Great service recovery!

Received a call from Afterwords book store. My copy of Orwell's 1984 is in! :) Good service

Great customer service at Tims on Water St (in North Atlantic). Very friendly and coffee is always stirred!

Great. Danny at the OCIO cafeteria is always friendly. Sometimes gives me extra stamps on my coffee card. :)

Ropewalk lane Monday night. Two guys on cash 7 were friendly and fast!

And now for the sad stories. Boos all around:

Quiznos Mt. Pearl 3 worker all slow 1 very cranky - 20min start to finish in line

Atlantic Home Furnishing. 6 days of calls only to be told to call back on Tuesday. FIX MY FLOOR!

Duke of Duckworth. Waited > 45 minutes for a cheeseburger; raw inside; just left hungry. Understaffed by management

WalMart Gander long lineup for one regular & one xpress cash. Had to prompt them to take customers at service desk

A Buck or Two, Marystown - Madge is too distracted at the cash desk, took saying 4 times I didn't need a bag

Poor service Shoppers Topsail Rd Monday night. # of cash open - 1. # of employees moving carts/chatting - 3. # of customers in line – 8

Colemans - O'Connell Drive Corner Brook - Cashier left her station when I arrived with my cart of groceries.

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