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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way to go, Lisa! Shoppers, Mount Pearl

Here is a lovely story from Rose in Mount Pearl about an experience that she had with Lisa in the Pharmacy at Shoppers Drug Mart in Mount Pearl:

“I have a 'good news' story to share, and am thrilled to find a way to do so! I'm so glad to hear of your site. (Thanks to John Gushue!)

I've always found the Pharmacy staff at SDM Gibson Drive to be super-helpful and very knowledgeable. But one day, they really went WAY above and beyond.

About a year ago, my little guy was diagnosed with an ear infection, and prescribed anti-biotics. He never had an issue taking medicine before, at least until he tasted this stuff. I could not this medicine in him, no matter what tricks I tried.

The next morning, from work, I called the Pharmacy and spoke to Lisa. I explained the issue in getting my four-year old to take his medicine, and asked her if there might be another flavor of that medication we could try. Unfortunately, she explained, that type of anti-biotic only came in the flavor I was dispensed. She gave me some advice on how to 'hide' it to get it down. I thanked her for her advice and we ended the call. Note that at no time did I give her my phone number OR name. I was simply some anonymous mother with a child who wouldn't take his medicine.

Later that afternoon, my husband called, and told me that the Pharmacy had called and left a message at home. They had another prescription ready for us to pick up. Seems that the original medicine dispensed was a generic, and they had refilled the prescription with the name brand. I assumed that my husband had also called for advice, but that wasn't the case, either. I had no idea how they 'found me'.

Apparently, after our conversation, Lisa put some more thought into this. She did the math and looked up the files to see that only one person was dispensed that particular medication the day before. She discovered that we were dispensed a generic, but that they had the name brand in stock. She refilled our prescription with name brand, and called us to let us know it was ready.

Great service, right? Wait. It gets better.

I picked up the new meds that afternoon. Another Pharmacy staff member gave me the order, and apparently knew my story, as she gave more tips on how to encourage my preschooler to take this medicine. I went to pay for the re-fill, and was told that there would be no additional charge, and to just flush away the original antibiotic.

Our son wasn't 'thrilled' about the taste of this stuff, either, but he did manage to get it down without us having to hide it into anything. (A spoonful of chocolate pudding chaser was all it took, as it got the 'yucky taste' off his tongue.)

So a great big thanks to Lisa and the staff at Shopper's Drug Mart, Gibson Drive!

I cannot think of any other customer service experience that exceeded my expectations as this one did.”

This story just made my day. It’s so good to know that a customer took the time to acknowledge excellent service, especially when it’s such a clear contrast to some recent posts where the company’s bottom line trumped customer satisfaction. Way to go, Lisa at Shoppers - I hope you are/were recognized by your employer for this effort!


  1. I really think so, too! It's so good to know that some people out there are making an extra effort for their customers.

  2. I Love SDM in Mt. Pearl Gibson Drive location. I am Diabetic and my son has several sever allergies. Sometimes you get a prescription from your Dr. that may not always be the best solution for your problem and they are always very helpful in explaining medications, and usage. Very quick curious service, but very patient knowledgable and helpful when you need advice. The staff are all wonderful and go out of their way to stock any "new" or "other brand" item I would like to use in my diabetic care regimine, I wouldn't switch to another pharmacy if you paid me :)