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Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter Recap August 31 - September 13

I skipped last week due to the long weeked, so here are the tweets you may have missed from August 31 – September 13:


Irving Frecker/Hamlyn. Lone cashier had an obviously injured leg, but worked faster & was friendlier than most clerks I see!

Went to Golden Sands for the weekend. Everyone was very helpful and the experience was amazing. I recommend it to anyone.

Admirals Galley Marystown. Friendly service and the fish-n-chips were worthy of the title "Admirals Feast”.

RW&Co Avalon Mall Sales clerk greeted me right away, started a fitting room, checked if I needed anything without being pushy. Nice.

NL Liquor Corp Topsail Rd. Cashier was nice and he also seemed to have good product knowledge.

Bugdens Cab's are still the best cab company in town no one remembers the number to.


Stayed at Greenwood Inn in Corner Brook. Plumbing troubles in 2 different rooms and wasn't offered discount.

Purolator can't find my house. Package couldn't be delivered yesterday/today...guess they don't know about GPS or Google

Over 5 months trying to get furniture replaced by EasyHome Torbay Rd - 1st they lost my headboard in their storage then the replacement they put together collapsed under me. Still not fixed. My problem has been escalated to regional manager, but still being ignored.

Icing Avalon Mall. Ignored by cashier while she was on phone telling boss she had no customers. Looked at me as she said it.

Holy shit* at FutureShop and it’s impossible to get some help/attention. This is horrible.


Yuk Yuks Friday night. Quick on the refills and our server was great. They ran out of wine, though. Can't understand that.

Good server at Celtic Hearth but 40 minutes for lukewarm wings and a random 2.30 charge? Not cool.

FreshtoGo counter Dominion Memorial. Employees always seem friendly & quick at lunchtime. Although the tables could be wiped down more often!

4 days wait so far for reply from Memorial University Lifelong Learning. Last time, they never did reply. Guess I'll spend my $ elsewhere. (MUN did respond on Twitter after I posted this, so good on them, but still no reply to my email).


Excellent service at Freak Lunchbox in Halifax and MAC @ Halifax Shopping Centre!

I have to say that I’m really pleased to see that I got more good service stories than poor service ones over the last two weeks, even if just barely. I’d also love to hear more from outside the province, as it would be interesting to see how NL measures up against what customers across Canada are experiencing! Don’t forget to DM or email with your customer reviews from Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond!

* Milestone tweet - first swear. In case you were interested.

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