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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just enough to get on your nerves - McDonald's Topsail Road

This short email from reader Nikki about a minor annoyance at McDonald's on Topsail Road last week made me think what I've thought hundreds of times before when confronted with ridiculously sub-par customer service: "it's not that difficult!"

Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe they were still in training, maybe they felt challenged by the task at hand, but, no matter what, when an error is made with a customer's order, you fix it (the first time), check it, double-check it and apologize. Common sense and common courtesy could have gone a long way in turning this customer service complaint into an acceptable, if not great, customer experience.

Here's the story:

"Me and my friend went to the Mcdonald's on Topsail Road for breakfast and my friend only likes meat on her breakfast sandwiches. I order a Sausage McGriddle with just sausage no cheese or egg. I repeat these instructions to the cashier because he seems new.

A manager was getting the food for him and showed him how to put the change in on the computer. So we get our food and sit down. My friend opens her sandwich and sure enough there is egg and cheese. So she goes back up to the counter where she is ignored for a good ten minutes before she comes back to the table at which point I am done eating so I offer to give it a try.

I go up and finally catch the attention of a lady who then looks at me like I am ruining her morning and explain the problem. So she goes and tells the kitchen guy and he goes to make a new one and then she runs about filling drive through orders for at least 5 minutes while my sandwich is sitting and getting cold. She finally hands it to me and I go back to the table and when my friend opens it there is again cheese on it.

At this point we were done dealing with the people at the counter so she removed the cheese as best she could and ate it. But for something that costs nearly 4 dollars you think they could manage to get it right or at least apologize wen it is wrong and correct it. Instead they were very rude and very unapologetic."

What do you think? Have you ever had a similar experience? It may sound like a petty rant, but in all seriousness, food and customer service is the business that McDonald's is in. It's what the cashiers are paid to do and the reason that customers go there. We should be able to expect better.


  1. My friend often orders club sandwiches but hates mayo, so he always says "no mayo" to the server twice. I would say nearly half of the time his sandwich comes back wrong. It usually gets fixed, but it's annoying. He doesn't have any allergies, fortunately. We ate at Jack Astor's a while back and when this happened, he was given his sandwich for free. This isn't necessary, but it was very nice and we will surely go back.

  2. That's what should happen, in my opinion! I don't think I've ever heard of a refund at McD's!

  3. Many, MANY years ago at Burger King Topsail Road. I order two Whopper meals to go. Got home and took a dirty big bite of a raw burger. I went back down and politely asked for a replacement order. Happily went back home and took another big bite into another raw frickin' burger. Now I'm pissed. So, I march back down and ask for a manager. I calmly said that I want the meal replace, cooked this time, and I want my money back. She rushed back and returned with my freshly cooked meal. I just stood there. She said, "Is there anything else?" Yup... I want my money back. "But sir, it's definitely cooked this time, I did it myself." I leaned in, nice and quiet and nice and polite: Oh, I'm sure it is. But this is the third time here for the same order. You have a choice. You can either give me my meal and my money back, or you can keep your meal, give me my money back and I'll go across the street for Big Macs. Either way, I have no intention of leaving here without my money.

    She refunded me and I kept the Whoppers. But I shouldn't have had to put my foot down like that. However, they do always taste better with a side of macho!

  4. "but in all seriousness, food and customer service is the business that McDonald's is in. It's what the cashiers are paid to do "

    No, they're not. They're poor people paid by a franchise to make a quota. Not to pander to picky eaters. This is Topsail road. Go to a Subway where customising food for self-entitled brats IS what they do.

    And no, I dont work in customer service. Im just someone who's not a dickhead.