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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Collision Clinic Topsail Road - Part 1

I received the following details from a reader (I'll call her Jane) who was in a car accident and chose to have her vehicle repaired at Collision Clinic on Topsail Road in St. John’s.

I’m posting this not only because it outlines the horrible experience that she had with Collision Clinic, but also because it is an excellent example of how one should document their experiences, especially if they plan to lodge a formal complaint.

Notice how Jane notes dates, details of the information that was provided to her and also the reasons why she feels she has been wronged. The only other thing that I would recommend if sending an 'official' complaint would be names and titles of the employees involved.

Since this is quite a long email, I’ve decided to spread it over a number of posts.

Here is the first instalment:

“We had never been in an accident before and chose Collision Clinic because we had heard their name in ads and they seemed like a reliable company. We are sorry now for choosing them and will never go back. We would not recommend them to anyone because of incomplete work, taking too long to complete repairs and the fact that they rarely return calls.

July 20, Monday – I was involved in an accident through no fault of my own. I was stopped at a stop sign when 2 vehicles got into an accident, sending one of them slamming into the front of my vehicle. The left front side of my vehicle was damaged and the right front tire was damaged because it was forced into the curb. My partner called Collision Clinic and they came to tow the vehicle to their garage. Within 2 hours I had called the insurance to work things out, told them the vehicle had been towed to the Collision Clinic and my partner also spoke to the people at the Collision Clinic and the insurance agent.

July 22, Wednesday – Collision Clinic called me and asked me to come by so they could do an estimate. I drove from the east end of St. John’s to their garage on Topsail Road. I went to the front desk and the receptionist asked my name. She started to look up my file in the computer when her phone rang. She answered it and talked for about 10 minutes, leaving me standing at the desk. As soon as she hung up she told me to have a seat! I waited for another 10-15 minutes and was then asked to see my vehicle. I told them it had been towed in on Monday. They said oh we didn’t realize that, you don’t need to be here. After I drove all the way across town! They did apologize but really need to be more organized and know if vehicles are towed in or not. They said they would complete the estimate that afternoon.

July 24, Friday – estimate was not completed until noon Friday even though they said they would do it on Wednesday. They said repair work would begin first thing on Monday.

July 29, Wednesday – called Collision Clinic to see how the repairs were coming and if the vehicle was ready. They said they hadn’t started the work yet, even though on Friday they said they would start first thing Monday morning. They said there was a 95% chance we would get it on the following Monday.

August 3, Monday – called Collision Clinic again to see if the vehicle was ready. It was not. They said we would possibly get it on Thursday.

August 6, Thursday – Collision Clinic called to let me know the vehicle was ready.

Finally! After being ignored at the front desk and provided with incorrect information about the status of her vehicle, Collision Clinic comes through on their promise. Hop in the car and drive home, right? Check back tomorrow to see if it was really that easy! (I have a feeling it wasn’t…)

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