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Monday, August 24, 2009

Twitter recap week of August 17th to 23rd

In case you’re not on Twitter or you missed any of my recent tweets, here’s a recap of the stories shared with for the week of August 17th -23rd.

It’s nice to see that I ‘m getting more comments about good service these days. So, nice job to:


“Taylors Marine and Rec (Yamaha) - Harbour Grace. Always get good service out there”

“Torbay Rd. Tims (the “green shack”) really is ahead in the customer service game. Servers so polite today that I left a message for the manager”

“Torbay Rd Tim Hortons. Light years ahead of some locations.”

“Tim Hortons Torbay Rd Well-staffed and quick/friendly service during the lunchtime rush.”

“Great service at Honda1! No BS parts counter.”

“Sears-clerk found bed/mattress going on sale in 2weeks because I'm a poor student-held them for me & gave free Scotchguard”

“Young male clerk at Staples was very helpful when I asked for advice on buying a grad gift for a guy”

On the other hand, I still got a fair share of poor service stories last week. And here they are:


“Car repairs Mt Pearl Canadian Tire-40 min wait w/15 customers @ service desk for service”

“Friend got ice coffee@ Tims, tried to drink, wasn't good. Girl said to supervisor, "Do I HAVE to give her a new one?"

“Had to fill own grocery bags because mine from Belbin’s 'didn't fit' on hooks Dominion bags fit on”

“Sears - Sales are hit or miss; sale sign on top of rack but no shirts on rack were on sale.”

“Sears is the worst. Always conditions to their sales. Always a mess. Always slow. I never shop there!”

“Sears-clerk talked to coworker entire time she served me,didn't look@ me or thank me when she gave me my receipt”

“TipTop Village employee argued w/ me over date I said I needed wedding tuxes. I think I know when my own wedding day is!”

“Holiday Inn Stephenville - Long wait, order wrong; cold when it came back. Asked for pop refill - no way. Not going back”

“Dell Canada has no air shipping option so if your in a rush don't buy a dell dude! :)”

Then there are the “in-between” comments, where customers received just okay or inconsistent service:

“Awesome service faceto face @ Bell kiosk Atlantic Pl. Horrendous service from bell reps on phone”

“Pizza Delight delivery-asked for debit, driver did not bring debit, said he wasn't told, but offered to go back-I paid cash”

It’s too bad that one could be treated so differently by representatives of the same company, as was the case with Bell. With regard to Pizza Delight, it seems that a lack of communication caused an annoyance for a customer, but at least the driver offered to go back (although I’d imagine the pizza wouldn’t have been too appetizing after a second run in the car…)

Finally, I’d like to recognize Yuk Yuks in St. John’s for taking action on this complaint:

“Tried to use Yuk Yuks Twitter discount but no one in the box office knew anything about it. Attempt to resolve failAttempted to message Yuk Yuks on Twitter/Facebook to resolve. MY FB post was deleted & I received a rude response.”

In less than 24 hours, Yuk Yuks contacted me via Twitter with information on how the customer might reach their management in order to resolve her problem.

It’s good to know that they, unlike many other companies, are noticing and promptly responding to their customer service issues online!

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  1. I must point out that Yuk Yuks did not contact their customers with a kind reply. I RT'ed the issue about the deal being declined in-store and got a snarky response from @YukYuksSJ. I was not the only Tweeter to be sent this response. Additionally, the original person mentioned above also received a rude reply.

    It seems as though Yuk Yuks wants to be perceived as listening and willing to help. However, when push comes to shove and you broadcast their perhaps-one-off mistake, they are rude and not apologetic.

    It's too bad because I think they had an opportunity to show excellent customer service and apologize for their error. Instead I know three people who are telling their friends about the disappointing responses coming from @YukYuksSJ.

  2. That's a really good point. I did not realize that this was a generic message from @YukYuksSJ, sent to all who mentioned their name...I actually thought that they were reaching out in an attempt to resolve the complaint! Very disappointing, and it comes off as very sneaky, doesn't it?