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Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter recap - August 10-16

After all the attention from CBC last week (a big thank-you to CBC radio one for that, especially The Morning Show and Radio Noon), I didn’t get a real chance to update my blog at all. I figured that I’d start this week off with a recap of some customer reviews that I’ve posted on Twitter, since I’m sure that not everyone who might be interested in customer service is on Twitter, and there are some real gems coming in via @ reply and direct message.

What follows is a taste of what has been flagged on Twitter in the last week or so. Twitter only allows updates of 140 characters or less and I’m copying these exactly as I originally posted them, so you’ll probably notice some creative spelling and grammar.

“Keg last nite for dinner. Received great service (Amy) and fantastic meal..her recommendations were spot on :)”

“Fog City Atlantic place, fantastic food, amazing service from everyone there, highly recommended!”

“Manager at Torbay Rd. McD's walked customer to car under umbrella in the rain. Very considerate.”

“A&W in Carbonear was able to take care of a long lineup very quickly. The staff seemed friendly and efficient”

“Just had a very pleasant experience with @Westjet rep on phone - Got travel credit b/c of lowest price guarantee!”

“Sorrento CornerBrook Amazing food, &wonderfully friendly waitstaff to back it up.Supper last night= A+!”

“walmart stavanger I was in crafts dept for something specific and employee asked if they could help and she did!”

“Rogers made a "courtesy" call. Said I had to call elsewhere when there was an issue. Waited for 1 hr - no answer”

“Corner Brook Tire on O'Connell. Great,friendly,efficient,reasonably priced.They service cars as well as sell tires.”

“Ordered sandwiches fr Hungry Heart Cafe for Friday work lunch-really great food & much cheaper than our usuals!”

“St.John's Delta made our Anniversary extra special with a surprise cheese and cracker platter.Thanks so much.”

I’m so pleased that after mentioning how much I’d appreciate more stories about good service, I actually received far more good service stories than normal. I hope that as more stories are posted on this blog, we’ll begin to see that poor customer service in Newfoundland and Labrador actually is the exception, not the rule.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my daily Twitter updates, I’m at Feel free to contact me via email as well ( – I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about, how to follow me on Twitter, or just customer service in general.

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