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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maybe Fred's Records would rather you didn't buy that CD from them...

This email from Renee is a perfect example of the difference customer service can make in a retail transaction, regardless of how pleased the customer is with their purchase.

I have to say that it's disappointing to hear this kind of story coming from such a staple of the downtown shoppping experience, especially one that caters so specifically to fans of local, traditional and independent music.

Renee writes:

"Last summer I went to Fred's Records for a browse. I found a new (not second hand) cd there for 2.99. I went to pay for it and the wee hipster behind the counter picked it up, looked at it, made a stinkface, sniffed, said "still too much" and threw it on the counter like it was covered in poo. I was so surprised and insulted I couldn't even think of anything to say back to the little snot! Are they in the business of selling music or insulting people for buying things that aren't up to their musical standards?! Needless to say I have not been through the door since then and I will tell anyone who listens not to go there. I found a great place on the west end of Water Street (can't remember the name) with an excellent selection of second hand records and a really nice guy running it, that is where I go now for all my vinyl needs. The mall now gets all my cd business, the staff at HMV are awesome. Fred's won't see another dime from me!!"

Thanks, Renee! Hopefully you'll write again when you remember the name of the other shop.


  1. Oh dear! As rotten behaviour as that is - and completely inexcusable - I assure you that it is unusual to receive anything but excellent service at Fred's. I've been shopping there for years and years and they have quite often gone out of their way to help me out, even ordering things that were difficult to find or out of stock. I certainly hope that the salesperson in question was reprimanded for his/her rudeness toward you. If you can bear to set foot in there again, or even to phone and speak to the management, or even to one of the more senior staff members, I am sure they would try their best to make up for your unpleasant experience. It breaks my heart to think that some snotty hipster is causing Fred's to lose business, especially at a time when independent businesses are dying out all over the city. Boo to snotty cashiers!

  2. I couldn't agree more, Andreae! I'm soon going to post some tips for dealing with rotten service (and also with fantastic service - can't forget to acknowledge this as well) in the very near future. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I agree with Andreae, but would go a step further: I think any customer who encounters this sort of attitude at the checkout counter should take the issue to the manager and ask to have it resolved.

    I'm not sure if Renee did that in this case, but my impression is that she would like I Shop and Tell to have a punitive and not a constructive effect on this company.


    John Gushue

  4. Dear Renee:

    As an employee of Fred's Records, although I can't say officially that I am representing the store, I would like to apologise for the behavior of one 'wee hipster.' Behavior of that sort is definitely not what we condone here.

    I know for a fact that myself and my co-workers are dedicated to helping people with their music needs in a friendly and cheerful manor, and I find it extremely unfortunate that you had a negative experience with us. I assure that if you ever reconsider and visit us again, chances are you will find that we'll do our best to help you out. We pride ourselves on our customer service : )

    All the best Renee!