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Monday, August 31, 2009

Just in case you missed them... Twitter recap August 24-30

Here's your weekly recap of the customer service stories, good and bad, that were shared via :

Tim's in Port-aux-Basques out of Iced Coffee AGAIN right now. Only have it 25% of the time, & even then it's 50% ice.

AireServ Excellent customer service in particular heat pumps.Their main competition is terrible which is why we switched

McDonald's Stavanger-last 3 visits in AM very busy:1 cash open, lots of employees...15 minutes in line to order. not fast food

SmartSet Village Mall. Cashier had a conversation with her friend who wasn't buying anything while I waited, purchases in hand

Winners Stavanger: 3 checkouts, 2 stopped waiting for slow floor staff, third working verrrry slowly

Staples Stavanger: clerk helped me swap undiscounted school supplies for cheap ones, saved abt $40.

Irving Hamlyn/Frecker. The coffee station is clean and well stocked, employees quick to acknowledge their customer

Had to ask for water 3 times at Press and Bean on Torbay Road. And they got my order wrong.

Cashier @ Staples Stavanger Dr. very friendly, apologized for keeping me waiting behind a very difficult customer

Too many wasps on Sundance deck (& around our food). Some sort of wasp deterrent should be used. Otherwise a great experience.

At FutureShop doing prelim research in-ear buds. electronics guy was VERY helpful. Not pushy. SONY Store very pushy.

Long Pond Dominion Waited several minutes@ the deli while the only person behind the counter chatted on the phone

Citywide Taxi The driver asked me to put on my seatbelt

Thanks to all who shared their stories this week - I've not been shopping much myself the last couple of weeks, so I appreciate hearing from you all!

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