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Friday, July 10, 2009

Reader email: Getting shortchanged

I received this email from Charmaine, who follows ShopAndTellNL:


I'm wondering if you or any of your readers have had a similar experience to mine. Several weeks ago I was shopping at Kelsey Drive Wal- Mart and checked out around 1am. My total came to $20.19 or somewhere there. I only had $40 cash on me so gave the cashier my money and instead of getting $19 change back she only gave me $14 back. I didn't notice until I got home. My receipt said change due $19 but I only had $14 and that was all my money and I never made anymore stops or purchases. I thought MAYBE she had just made a mistake although it would have explained why she was sketchy and gave me a weird look when i thanked her and said good night.
Lo and behold I was at Wal- Mart the other evening and the same cashier pulled the same stunt on another lady ahead of me only this woman noticed she was short changed right away and got all her change due back. Then another late night at Sobey's Ropewalk a young man tried to short change me as well but I noticed. Without surprise or apology he just said oops, here you go.

Am I just having bad luck with cashiers lately or is this something that is catching on?"

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? I know that when I am at work (retail), I always state the amount of change that I am giving to the customer to ensure that if there is an error it is caught right away. This just seems like a practice that should be followed by anyone handling cash but perhaps this is a training item that Walmart and/or Sobey's is missing.

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