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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poor service! Tim Horton's Village Mall.

This one happened ages ago, but I've not really gotten over it! Picture it, St. John's, 2007...

I only had a few minutes on my break, so I headed downstairs to Tim's and ordered a tea bun, asking to have it buttered so that I could just eat it on my way back up to work. The girl behind the counter advised me that they were not allowed to butter tea biscuits. Apparently they "had a memo come from corporate" about it.

I was dumbfounded. A)
Would a corporate office really circulate a memo about correct service of a biscuit, and B) did she really expect me to believe this? I asked to see the memo (which could not be produced), then to see to a supervisor. The supervisor's response? "See, if I cut the biscuit and butter it and it crumbles apart, then it's my fault, and I have to get you a new one, but if you butter it yourself and it cracks, then that's your own fault."

Determined not to let them get away with refusing a customer's order for no good reason, I emailed 'corporate' and asked about this phantom memo. They replied, assuring me that there was not, nor had there ever been any rules about the buttering of tea buns! Surprise!

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