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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poor service! Dominion Blackmarsh Market

Now, Blackmarsh Road Dominion has all the makings of the kind of one-stop-shop that I can really go for. There aren’t many other places in town where one can pick up all the regular groceries plus maybe even come home with a toaster oven or a new top or a six-pack of tube socks, not even to mention a bottle of Lamb’s and a 6/49 while you’re at it. It seems, though, that they’ve forgotten how to be a grocery store.

On this particular occasion, I needed some strawberry cream cheese for a dip I was making. I went to the dairy section (which does not house the milk, incidentally) and found the cream cheese display. Normally, I’d just go for No Name, but they only had the low-fat stuff, so I checked out the Philadelphia. There was a full row of strawberry there, so I grabbed one and headed to the cash.

I don’t know what was wrong with me that day, but I neglected to check the expiration date. After I got home and opened the package, I found that there was a watery layer on top of the cream cheese. Turns out that it was nearly a week out of date! I went back to Dominion, got a refund and proceeded to dig through the display for a replacement, but every tub was the same. I found a manager and showed him what I’d discovered. His reply: “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have one of the guys take care of it.” By this time, Sobeys was closed, so I had to put the kibosh to my dip. Sadly.

Well, I went back there the next evening and decided to check on the strawberry cream cheese, just to see. The display was once again full, and the tubs that I’d knocked over in my search the day before were neatly lined up in a row. I picked one up and sure enough, the expiry date was 04/24. Of course, there were no managers on the floor and no one at the customer service desk to whom I might vent, so all I could do was hope that somebody else’s dip didn’t suffer like mine did.

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