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Monday, May 18, 2009

Poor service! Dominion Blackmarsh. Good service! Canadian Tire Elizabeth Ave.

I guess with all this lovely weather, I haven't felt much like complaining! Send me to a grocery store with a mission on a long weekend Sunday and I get right back to normal.

Dominion on Blackmarsh has once again gotten my goat. All I wanted was a barbecue, and with their $50 gift certificate for meat when you purchase a $300 or more barbecue, I thought there was no way to lose. Well, Dominion managed to prove me wrong on that.

For starters, why would they advertise a promotion that is available on $300 barbecues when they don't have any in stock for less than $400? Argh.

Anyhow, the main thing that annoyed me was the fact that none of the barbecues had pricetags. Instead, there was a poorly photocopied flyer taped to each set, with no indication of which item was which, aside from comparing each item to the tiny, grainy black and white picture. I checked all the surrounding aisles for an employee who might help me with my selection, but there were none to be found. I even tried the customer service desk, which seems to be closed outside of 'regular' business hours (meaning Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm as far as I could tell, in spite of the fact that the store itself is open far beyond those hours). I ended up going to (gasp) Canadian Tire where I found a (price ticketed) barbecue and was on my way to the car with it in 10 minutes flat.

I just have to say, and I'm sure most readers will agree: you know it's bad when Canadian Tire has better service than you.


  1. Blackmarsh Rd. Dominion has been getting lower and lower in my books for a while now. Poor service (lines that stretch farther than shelving will allow) and even poorer produce selection. Saving grace: liquor store right next door.

  2. I agree about the liquor store!

    Another thing that bothers me is the fact that they promote a "buy fresh, buy local" campaign, when they carry little to no Newfoundland&Labrador product (only eggs sometimes and dairy, as far as I've seen).

  3. I never complain, but the experience I had today just completely angered me, only because it was at a place that I used to get excellent service but over the past few months it has gotten terrible. I frequent the North Atlantic in Kelligrews....I love getting my points there, and I choose them over the gas station next door. I went in after filling up my car with gas and then purchased a few other items. The young girl behind the counter was far from friendly, but, having been one of those girls myself, still tried to be friendly. No please, no thank you, no nothing. When I passed her my debit card, she took it and dropped it next to the machine- I took that to mean that i had to swipe it myself; again, I actually apologized for not knowing I had to do it myself. But this is what got me really ticked off....I came to realize ( as she was staring off into space with some sullen look ) that she may not realize that I would need a bag, so I asked her for one. She proceeded to rip a bag off from behind the counter and tossed it in my direction. She did not pass it to me, she tossed it AT me. After spending $70+ dollars in that store, I had to reach across a fairly large counter to collect all my purchases and stick them in the bag as she looked on, and in front of others in line. Come on people. Seriously. It all comes down to customer service. Show a little bit of appreciation for my business. I work hard all day like most everyone does and it would be nice to feel that my business is appreciated. I won't be going back there- I will take my business to gas station next door.