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Friday, May 22, 2009

Poor service! Dairy Queen

Last night after I got off work at 10pm (yes, in customer service. Yes, I'm good at it), I dropped by DQ for a lunch. My order wasn't complicated at all; I just wanted a chicken wrap and some onion rings. It took them nearly 15 minutes to prepare this order, and after having already waited 10 minutes behind someone who only ordered a burger combo, I was pretty annoyed. There were 6 people working behind the counter, yelling at eachother and joking around while their customers were pretty much ignored. As if this wasn't bad enough, I watched a young female employee roll her eyes at another employee and then make a double "I'm going to shoot myself in the head" signal to him. Come on. It's rude, it's obvious, and it's just plain inappropriate. That's all.

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