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Friday, May 1, 2009

Good service! Sobeys on Topsail Road

I understand that I choose to live on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic. I know that there are costs associated with getting fresh produce in our (long and painful) off-season and I know that delivery routes on and off the island are less than ideal. So, last night, when I went looking for iceberg lettuce at Sobeys on Topsail Road, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find only two heads of the stuff on the shelf.

It had to be iceberg for my club sandwiches, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and picked up the least gooey-looking head, figuring that I’d have to peel off a few layers but find a nice, crisp middle. Totally wrong. When I got home and ripped it open, the lettuce was brown and slimy all the way through.

As usual, I launched into a rant about how the produce department had no business putting this disgusting mess on the shelf in the first place, let alone charging 3 to 4 bucks for it! I went back to the store with my lettuce melting in the bottom of my grocery bag and braced myself for a fight.

Turns out I was in for a real surprise – Megan (I think) at customer service took one look inside the bag and told me to go pick up a replacement and she’d take care of it. Thinking I’d get an even exchange, I grabbed a pre-packaged salad bag because none of the ‘fresh’ lettuce looked fit to eat.

Megan exchanged the product and refunded me the price of my original purchase, which I used to buy a beautiful, fat, hothouse tomato (even if it did travel all the way from friggin’ Mexico), and came home with a dollar in my pocket. Nice job.

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