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Friday, May 1, 2009

Good service! Sobeys on Topsail Road again.

There’s a cashier at Sobey’s on Topsail Road whose name I never manage to remember, but if you shop there, you’re probably aware of her. She’s a middle-aged woman with blond hair and a gruff-sounding voice who just loves to chat with her customers. I’ll admit, I’ve been known to comment to my boyfriend about how much she annoys me, but it turns out that she’s a customer service genius.

You know how sometimes in a store, you just can’t find what you’re looking for? Maybe it’s the ridiculously wide variety of products that all the major chains seem to carry now (you can buy clothes and shoes at Dominion now, Walmart carries groceries, etc.). What I usually find is that the cashier just grunts and gestures in the general direction of what you are looking for, or says something like, “aisle four,” with a long sigh.

This cashier at Sobeys is different, though. A set of nailclippers was my holy grail, and I’d scoured the pharmacy aisles for it without success. I had a fierce hangnail that needed immediate attention, so I decided to ask her in spite of my reservations. No grunts, no sighs, no nothing, she turned off the light above her cash and walked over to the pharmacy, returning in seconds with three different sets of clippers and telling me the price of each. Way to go! Next time, I’ll note her name and make sure to update this post with the credit she’s due.

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