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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Service! Celtic Hearth

What more could one want on a hangover Sunday than a big ol’ brunch? After the great service at Celtic Hearth a couple of weekends ago, I can’t think of anything! We were greeted with a smile and seated immediately, served good, greasy food and our coffee cups didn’t stay empty for very long at all. I guess my hangover was obvious, because as I struggled with a drink decision (while my friends had Caesars, which I think tastes like cold spaghetti-os, by the way), the waitress was quick to come to my rescue with a recommendation.

I only had one problem with the food: I ordered my eggs “over as hard as possible”, but one of them came out yolky. When the waitress made a timely check-back on our table, she immediately noticed that I’d pushed the egg to the side of my plate and asked if it was okay. I wasn’t even going to mention it since it was busy and she had been so attentive, but she insisted on fixing it and apologizing profusely. She returned with a cooked-to-order replacement. I know this doesn’t sound like big deal, but it’s the little things that people do to improve your experience that make an impression. If she’d been surly, I probably would have been way more annoyed about that darn egg and would be writing a very different post!

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